This Saturday at Beep Beep Gallery: ALCHEMY

Opening reception is Saturday December 1st, 7-10pm as part of PONCE CRUSH.
Beep Beep Gallery | 696 Charles Allen Drive, Atlanta GA 30308

Excited to be involved in this show. The six small pieces I'm including consist of static representations of various analog video experiments I've completed in the past month:
From Beep Beep Gallery:
This is our second year doing "Alchemy", which is a group show where Beep Beep cuts a bunch of multi-sized triangles and hands them out to artists.  For us, part of the fun of this show is that the plethora of works combined with the specific shape of the triangles allows us to create a series of patterns and designs where each artist's work plays off another.  This is turn allows for a unique collective exhibit.

Artists include:
Sean Abrahams, Jason R. Butcher, Jessica Caldas, Kelly Cloninger, Kat Cooper, Jaynie Crimmins, Laurie Delmedico, Peter Ferrari, Sat Kirpal Garcia, Mike Germon, Heather Greenway, Lauren Hoell, Morgan Kendall, Harrison Keys, Romy Maloon, Natasha Pantelides, Nathan Phaneuf, Sanithna Phansavanh, Andrew Prieto, Chelsea Raflo, Lucha Rodriguez, J.R. Schulz, Lydia Sharlow, Nathan Sharrat, Ansley Sproull, Marcy Starz, Dorothy Stucki, Allen Taylor, Paco Vergachette, Lydia Walls, Jonny Warren.....and I probably forgot some other people, sorry.  It's madness!

Also, the holidays are coming up.  That means there will be tons of affordable local art available for fill up that Christmas list!

(You don't have to give us anything.  We've been stockpiling coal from all these Naughty years.  It's plenty warm at Beep Beep!)