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This Saturday... Another Green World

From beepbeepgallery.com:

Beep Beep Gallery is proud to present "Another Green World", a group exhibition of artwork based on the 1975 Brian Eno album of the same name.  A mix of vocal and ambient pieces, the album's descriptive titles and atmospheric songs lend themselves to a variety of literal as well as abstract interpretations.  With this in mind, we asked 14 artists to each choose a track from the album and create a visual representation, the line-up of which is listed below along with links to each song:

  1. Sky Saw - Megan Lillie
  2. Over Fire Island - Stephanie Dowda (website]
  3. St. Elmo's Fire - Aubrey Pope
  4. In Dark Trees - Matt Relkin [website]
  5. The Big Ship - Shana Robbins [website]
  6. I'll Come Running - Metatronic [website]
  7. Another Green World - Erin Plew
  8. Sombre Reptiles - J.R. Schulz
  9. Little Fishes - Kelly McKernan [website]
  10. Golden Hours - Allen Taylor website]
  11. Becalmed - Born
  12. Zawinul / Lava - Alex Kvares [website]
  13. Everything Merges with the Night - Morgan Kendall [website]
  14. Spirits Drifting - Sam Parker

The opening reception for "Another Green World" is February 4th from 7-10pm as part of Ponce Crush.

There will also be a closing reception February 23rd where the entire album will be played live between three bands:

Dean & Leon 
Kid Pyramid & Hidden Noise Ensemble
Robby Kee with members of Lucy Dreams

Hope to see you there!
Beep Beep